Up North...

Up North...

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Downtown Home and Garden is AWESOME!

This is where I get all my daffodils and bulbs from! Downtown Home and Garden in Ann Arbor Michigan totally rocks. I feel bad that not everyone can have such an awesome garden center to visit-
They are friendly and cheerful and they sell what a gardener needs...not all that other stuff. Plus Mark opened a food cart courtyard in back where you can jet in and grab a snack while you are between weeding gigs. AND after work in the summer you can go grab a beer at his new beer garden! Giving business a good name in Ann Arbor! Thanks you guys!
This spring I am planning on planting a lot of asiatic bulbs. I have been having issues lately with my coneflowers and I need that shot of pink in the summer! So here is to hoping that lilies will help. If you have deer issues...build a fence...or surround with plants they don't like...I have been experimenting with this...still in fledgling faze.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

What a Mid Century Collector does in the winter

Well, it is snowing in Michigan! A rare event this last few years...I'm about to head out into the snow and enjoy some exercise.
Thinking alot about what bulbs I want to plant this spring for summer blooms. I'm thinking alot about Asiatic Lillies  vs. Oriental Lillies. Asiatic lillies bloom earlier than Oriental ones...a new tid bit I just learned which should help get more pink into my gardens! I am thinking I want more pink!
I've been photographing some of my recent Danish Modern and Mid Century Modern finds and posting to Etsy. Thinking about trying out ebay...it seems a bit complicated, though. Chelsea Antique Mall is doing great-a popular destination for Southern Michigan. Well enjoy my new posts and Stay Warm!

Saturday, March 31, 2012

Opening at Antique Mall

I am opening an antique booth in Chelsea at the http://www.chelseaantiquemall.com/

Come check it out! We will be doing 50's, 60's and 70's nick knacks and some furniture. A little bit something for anyone who appreciates the good old things from that era!

Still gardening like a crazy woman, but this is just something to keep me busy in the winter!
Hope you can come and see it. We are booth #130-don't have a sign yet, but we are thinking of calling it My Knick Knack Store and More--See you there!!

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Mid Century Modern Hobby

Check out what me and my boyfriend have been doing to keep busy in the winter months! Visit My Knick Knack Store & More to see our Mid Century Modern Collection...just something to do in the cold months up here in Michigan!

Friday, December 2, 2011

Holiday List Panic?

Hi Everyone! I am trying to round up some fun work for the holiday and winter season!
If you are feeling stressed out this holiday season and need an assistant and errands or what not done this winter--

  • Holiday Shopping(Grocery or Gift)
  • Holiday Wrapping( I have an art studio in my basement with lots of holiday wrapping do dads! Hurray!)
  • OR I can bring supplies and a wrapping table to your house!
  • Deliver Your Mail and Packages to the Post Office for you!
  • Pet Feeding/Walking/Petting because you are Traveling & Busy!
  • Blogging--It's fun--Maybe you need one?
  • Organizing? Hauling? I'm good at that too!
Contact Me Raquel at My Email: Gartengrl@yahoo.com

References Available Upon Request!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

One Of My Jobs

Well, tomorrow is Halloween and I guess this garden season has come to an end. I am still working on my fall clean ups and planting bulbs. I've got my fingers crossed for a pretty exciting garden that I designed from nothing...but it has to get the go ahead.
My legs hurt and my hands hurt but at least I'm going into winter in pretty good shape. Can't say I'll be going into spring in good shape...ha ha.
It's a cycle.
Here is one of my favorite gardens this year...I did some more that are pretty great too, but I didn't get pics.
I'll be glad to put my tools away for a minute-
Happy Gardens,

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Iris, Poppies, and Ranunculus Repens

Hi Everyone! Just a few pics to share what is blooming in the garden this week here in Michigan! O.k. I realize I should have added this early peony to the title-my bad:) Here is a picture of my cat in the garden! I could not resist-don't say it!