Up North...

Up North...

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Downtown Home and Garden is AWESOME!

This is where I get all my daffodils and bulbs from! Downtown Home and Garden in Ann Arbor Michigan totally rocks. I feel bad that not everyone can have such an awesome garden center to visit-
They are friendly and cheerful and they sell what a gardener needs...not all that other stuff. Plus Mark opened a food cart courtyard in back where you can jet in and grab a snack while you are between weeding gigs. AND after work in the summer you can go grab a beer at his new beer garden! Giving business a good name in Ann Arbor! Thanks you guys!
This spring I am planning on planting a lot of asiatic bulbs. I have been having issues lately with my coneflowers and I need that shot of pink in the summer! So here is to hoping that lilies will help. If you have deer issues...build a fence...or surround with plants they don't like...I have been experimenting with this...still in fledgling faze.

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