Up North...

Up North...

Friday, December 2, 2011

Holiday List Panic?

Hi Everyone! I am trying to round up some fun work for the holiday and winter season!
If you are feeling stressed out this holiday season and need an assistant and errands or what not done this winter--

  • Holiday Shopping(Grocery or Gift)
  • Holiday Wrapping( I have an art studio in my basement with lots of holiday wrapping do dads! Hurray!)
  • OR I can bring supplies and a wrapping table to your house!
  • Deliver Your Mail and Packages to the Post Office for you!
  • Pet Feeding/Walking/Petting because you are Traveling & Busy!
  • Blogging--It's fun--Maybe you need one?
  • Organizing? Hauling? I'm good at that too!
Contact Me Raquel at My Email: Gartengrl@yahoo.com

References Available Upon Request!