Up North...

Up North...

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Planning Around Deer

Well, I am working on a fine cottage style garden right now. Apparently this couple got a less than perfect landscape job last year. Not only did the guy come in the spring to discuss their "flower garden" and then not show up until fall to install it...he installed only shrubs...nice. The up side of this is that I get to put in the flowers...yeay! The down side is I know for a fact that their neighborhood is infested with a massive deer heard! Not so good news.

So I am asking everyone what to do. So far I have heard all kinds of interesting information.

I have been told to install hard flat surfaces, like slate...that deer don't like to slip and fall and that slate makes them nervous. Hmmmm....

I have heard that using Malorganite (Human Waste-hurray!) keeps them away. Hmmmm....not so sure about that one either.....

I have heard that they don't like to be enclosed...in tight spaces...o.k.....

I KNOW that daffodils are not on their eat list. And here are a few more items that are resistant to deer but nothing is a total guarantee.

Butterfly bush

Siberian iris
Butterfly bush
Meadow sage
Mounding Grass, such as Karl Foerster
Ferns (regardless of species)
Spotted dead nettle-Great in dry shade

Russian sage
Mounding Grass, such as Karl Foerster, Blue Fescue
Ferns (regardless of species)
Spotted dead nettle-Great in dry shade
Black eyed Susans(although they do sample these)
Bradford Pear?
Joe Pye weed
Common Foxglove
Carnation, Pinks
Christmas Fern
Crown Imperial, Fritilia
Fennel and Dill
False Indigo
Jack in the pulpit
Ladys' Mantle
Common Yarrow
O.K. Well that is enough to keep you busy for a while. And just in case this isn't enough info go to the source: http://njaes.rutgers.edu/deerresistance/


Thursday, April 23, 2009

Northern Brown Snake

I saw this little guy today while I was cutting down a bunch of grasses. You can see him at this link:
http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3136/2631802751_01cbb88937_o.jpg I see them every year at this one location. It is a lovely garden with tall grasses and lots of roses and a big frog pond. I must say though that the mosquitos are out of control in the summer. Oh well, I am making spagetti now and gotta run.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Malva moschata

I guess I have kind of focused on annuals the last few weeks and I would like to give some attention to perrenials-as I can finally see them a bit as I clean out the flower beds from last year. I really like the plant Malva moschata as it is a prolific self seeder(some may call this weedy) but you can always weed out the ones you don't want. It has a nice tall airy feel to it and it provides tons and tons of cheerfull pink blooms from the beginning of summer till the end of summer. I think it looks lovely when planted with russian sage, and some bee balm, some stone crop sedum and maybe some balloon flower. This plant is like a space filler when you are on a budget...but it can go a bit nuts...so you do need to weed it out just a bit...the word monoculture does come to mind...

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Potatoe Vine

Alright, I will continue with some annuals that I think are valuable in your garden. I am a big fan of Potatoe Vine...ipomea vine...what have you. This annual decorative vine grows and spreads quite rapidly in your flower bed or containers. It comes in a variety of attractive colors that enhance the "canvas" of your garden if you will: purple, lime green/maroon, and lime green. I like to combine this vine with Lantana or marigolds for a nice variety of orange, red, yellow, and purple. I can't tell you how attractive this arrangement is. It is also a big hummingbird favorite. Add a little purple fountain grass and you are on your way.