Up North...

Up North...

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

All I want for xmas!

Dear Santa,
I hope you have had a great year and that all the elves and all your animal friends are doing really great this holiday season! I thought I might take a moment to make a xmas list this year, something I never do...but probably should!

1. I'd really like all my aches and pains to go away:)If you could do that I don't want anything else!

2. The next best thing would be a really good wrist brace and elbow brace and foot brace...and a year of visits to the chiropractor. If you have extra in the budget I am pretty sure some time with an acupuncturist would help too...

3. I'd also like some Gift Certificates to get a massage or two or 20!

5. I'm pretty sure a hot tub could be beneficial as well...

6. After all those I could use a new flat head spade, a new pitch fork, a new wheel barrow, oh and definitely a new truck!

7. Several yards of compost spread all over all my beds would be next to the best thing ever...

8. I would definitely enjoy some of those super soft garden gloves I see at the store that I totally can't justify purchasing since they will be dirty and torn apart in one day-for sure.
9. I could use a really good garden helper who knows the difference between weeds, perennials, and annuals...who would not mind working really hard for 10.00 an hour 18 hours a week...is that too much to ask for?

10. I would like a gallon of technu poison ivy soap.

11. I would like some brand new really sharp bi pass pruning shears.

12. I would like a small chain saw that is easy to start and doesn't scare the heck out of me:)

13. Or a really hot guy to do all my chain saw work for me;)Maybe you could mention that to my boyfriend...

14.I would really love a green house...that might be pushing it...but that would be a dream come true...

15. I would like some really cool garden decor like some gazing globes and some super cool bird feeders-Oh Wait! I even know where you can go to get those-Cool Garden Things

What would YOU like for under your tree this year?


  1. Dear GartenGrl,
    Your request is being processed and we will do the best we can to make your garden xmas dreams come true!
    S. at The NorthPole

  2. I am sure all of those things will be under or near your tree. I'm sure Mr. C is checking his list.

  3. I'll second most of that list! Especially the greenhouse...

  4. Well....I did get a farmers almanac, an elbow brace, and a book to identify garden pests! Yeay!And an awesome coffee maker:)
    GartenGrl at Cool Garden Things Blog