Up North...

Up North...

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Butterflies in My Garden

Well...I know my blog is supposed to be about the plants I like to plant...but I get distracted on occasion.
But one plant I really love is regular old-fashioned Milkweed...it can grow up to 7 feet tall or more in my garden! And I love it's big dusky rose colored pom poms that smell like honey...mmmmm. And all the bumble bees and honey bees go absolutely NUTS over it.
A few day ago I was like, sigh, how come I never get any butterflies in my garden...I work so hard and not a single butterfly...whine, whine, whine...yada, yada, yada....And then the very next day I saw a monarch butterfly all over that Milkweed! YES!
And today I was whining to my dad about how I was not going to get any caterpillars because all the ants would eat them first...and low and behold-I saw TWO baby monarch caterpillars!!! YES!
I realize that two does not bode well against legions of predators...but I feel very happy none-the-less!
I even saw a hummingbird buzz by to check out my first time in bloom Trumpet Vine...only took 5 years...but hey...gardening is an exercise in patience and hard work!
I can thank both my parents for leading me to the joys of gardening and bird watching. I'm sure I thought they were crazy when I was a kid, but now I totally get it....
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  1. GG That is a plant I see as I walk growing wild and they do attract bugs.

  2. The milkweeds are just begining to come into flower here now and we are starting to see more monarchs. Finally! All butterflies have been so scarce here this year. Good luck with your catepillers. :)

  3. Your milkweed looks really lovely. I have contemplated introducing it to my garden too but would have to find a big spot for it. So great you got some monarch caterpillars! I know many up north were wondering when the butterflies and cats would show up-it would seem they are there and will be visible soon. How did you get the milkweed into your garden? Seeds? I am debating digging some if I find a suitable specimen. But I've never seen it in a garden and just wonder.

    I saw your title on the leopard moth below. We found one in my garden the other day. I took a cool picture of it and will be posting it soon. They are quite common but such a thrill for someone like me who had never seen one.

    And good luck with your daughter. I have an almost 15 year old and it is a never ending battle getting that guy to work. It's not like when I was a kid, times have changed.

    One last thing, have you heard of Blotanical? It is a directory of garden blogs. All open houses at gardens every single day. Joy!

  4. I've been trying to grow butterfly weed to attract monarchs, but it's growing ever so slowly! If you really want butterflies, plant a butterfly bush and then you'll really see them. I promise.

  5. Thats a lovely milkwee. Glad to know that you enjoy the caterpillars too.

  6. Thanks for the wonderful comments on my Blogger aT the BGgarden.
    I hope to stop by your webpage often - wonderful garden thoughts and ideas.
    Happy SUmmer and be sure to get out and get dirty in your garden! :-)

  7. We inherit a lot of things from our parents, not only the genetic elements but the craziness of gardening too!!.. haha.
    ~ bangchik

  8. Garden blogs can be about whatever you want, in my opinion -- there really aren't any rules. I try to attract many, many butterflies to my garden, but I'm having an ongoing battle with hornets to see who gets to the caterpillar first. So far the hornets are winning. >< I'm having to make special arrangements to protect the little caterpillars.