Up North...

Up North...

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Northern Brown Snake

I saw this little guy today while I was cutting down a bunch of grasses. You can see him at this link:
http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3136/2631802751_01cbb88937_o.jpg I see them every year at this one location. It is a lovely garden with tall grasses and lots of roses and a big frog pond. I must say though that the mosquitos are out of control in the summer. Oh well, I am making spagetti now and gotta run.

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  1. Hi GartenGrl- The pond is never truly empty, it is loaded with fish. But it gets very low, all the way to the headgate if I let it. Big ponds on Idaho places are usually used for water of pasture and fire protection. We have an even bigger one higher on the property so I don't worry about using this one to water my lawn. I would soon like to have less lawn and more water wise plantings.

    Your snake freaks me out a little. I guess that is one of the good ones, maybe he eats tons of rodents and such?