Up North...

Up North...

Sunday, March 29, 2009


I get so excited to get to work in peoples garden in the spring.

I am like a mad woman running around raking leaves and twigs, cleaning up all the edges, scraping mulch out of the grass, thatching the grass, bundling wood, cleaning out stinky ponds. It can be embarrassing if one of my clients tries to talk to me…I'll be shouting in excitement!

I think to myself about all the different kinds of amendments I need to put down on this or that. What needs pruning, what must wait, why did something turn brown, what did I plant here last year. What did I move and can’t wait for people to notice and get excited about…
Dragging piles of debris to compost piles or bagging and hauling…Seeing all the other service people out and about…saying hello!

And then the next day I am in such excruciating pain.My boyfriend is in lawn care and we are always sharing pain management tips. Like should you Ben Gay before or after dinner, which stretch is best for that niggling pain behind your shoulder blade...etc. etc. Pain is a big part of gardening as I am getting older. But it is absolutely worth it!
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  1. I know what you mean. We went into the snow covered mountains looking for muddy areas with flat rocks for a stone path. I have sore legs today. Only, it took a while to remember why they could possibly be sore. I think my body is telling me it is time to get out doors.

    PS- I think BenGay after dinner is the best:D

  2. That is in fact the same conclusion we came to:)

  3. You are inspiring. I love it that you get so excited in spring to grow your garden. :) Thanks for your post on YA.