Up North...

Up North...

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


I am fairly new to blogging. So I will keep this brief. I luv, luv, luv marigolds. They are a truly wonderful annual that often gets the old turned up nose from so called "flower" snobs.
In my opinion the marigold is like the flower of the people. It is inexpensive, bright, disease and pest resistant, can handle the heat and it smells like summer. You can mix and match it with other plants for excellent results. Throw in some potatoe vine and an ornamental grass and you have elevated it something worthy of the ritz.
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  1. Raquel, Marigolds are such a tough flower. I like the new Vanilla color ones. Have to admit I am not so crazy for the smell of them but neither do some insects so that makes them good garden additions.Thanks for dropping by my Blog.

  2. I agree they are one of the hardest working plants in the garden. No pests, no care, and they reward with bloom until they freeze. There will always be garden snobs who look down on easy, carefree plants. Happily lots of people appreciate and grow them.

  3. We are fans or marigolds as well.
    They stand up well, and are simply
    missed if not at the end of each row of veg in our garden plot.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog..it's always a delight to "meet" another gardener.